merchant account Texas

merchant account Texas
Do you need a merchant account for your Texas business? Not to worry- ZeerPay has you covered, with a wide range of options designed to help you grow your business. You've seen the look on your customers' faces when they ask if you take credit cards and you're forced to reply, "I'm sorry, no". Not only does it disappoint your customers, it means lost business for you.
Now, ZeerPay offers a wide range of merchant account options for Texas businesses. Whether you're looking for in-house swipe equipment or on-the-go smartphone tandem devices, you'll find exactly what you need for your business at ZeerPay.
Regardless of the industry you're in or the type of business you run, there is a solution for you at ZeerPay. Set up a merchant account with Texas. company ZeerPay and never turn away another customer with a credit card. Machines are loaded with all of the technology you would expect from a world-class company, and equipment offers speed, ultra-security, reliability and the ability to take all the latest payment options.
Zeerpay offers 4 choices in credit card terminals, including:
- The FD130 EMV Credit Card Terminal for use when a customer wants to pay with a chip embedded EMV card
- The FD300 Multi-merchant that allows multiple merchants in the same building to use the device without issues
- The VX 680 Wireless, one of the fastest handheld portable devices on the market today
- The VX520 Credit Card Terminal with connectivity options from dial to dial plus Ethernet
Also available from ZeerPay for your merchant account in Texas are two Pin Pad devices:
- The FD35 Pin Pad, accepting PIN and signature debit cards, all major credit cards, gift and EBT cards
- The VX805 Pin Pad, providing everything needed to securely accept payments and other transactions, with the ability to quickly embrace future technological change, including EMV
ZeerPay's Clover line of equipment can also meet your needs, allowing you to accept safer payments on the go to expand your payment-taking options. Choose from:
- The CloverGo, the secure and compact device for your smartphone or tablet that lets you securely accept credit card payments anywhere you go- even EMV chip cards! Clover provides reliable support wherever you go.
- The Clover Mobile, a full-featured POS in a pint-sized package, is so much more than just a credit card reader. Customize your system with apps that you can choose from for a totally unique merchant experience, complete with cloud-based data storage. Take payments tableside, cut through register lines to help customers or take anywhere you need to be.
- The Clover Mini is able to accept a wide range of credit card types, including swipe, EMV, contact-less and PIN debit.
Having a merchant account for your Texas business will increase the opportunity to make sales and open doors to you that have been up until now, closed. Get started now, with the equipment your business needs, at

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