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Vintage Watches For Sale

Vintage Watches For Sale

Top Vintage Watches for Sale

Many people do not know where to buy or how much to pay for vintage watches for sale. Fortunately, Roue Watch is a reputable watch dealer who can help you find the vintage watch you are looking for. We can provide great insights on how to find and buy quality vintage watches.

Heuer Autavia

Although this vintage watch was first used as a dashboard timer between 1933 and 1958, it was later upgraded into a wristwatch. The watch was initially designed for timing aviation and automobile events.

The Heuer Autavia has seen many uses in its lifetime. It is ideal for the collector looking for cool vintage watches with lots of history. The Heuer Autavia has one of the largest variations of styles of designs of any vintage and antique watches for sale.

The many styles and designs of this antique watch accommodate the tastes of different collectors. Although some Heuer Autavia watches are quite costly, there are affordable versions of the brand.

OMEGA Speedmaster

Chronograph watches have been around since the late 1800s. However, it wasn’t until 1957 when Omega introduced its first chronograph watch into the market, much to the delight of many watch lovers and collectors.

The Omega Speedmaster is a sports and racing chronograph watch. Its tachymeter scale bezel inspires the name of the watch. Omega Speedmaster is a collector's dream mainly because of its unique features and timeless beauty.

People have worn the watch on many prestigious events, including the first walk on the moon. Despite its rich history, the Omega Speedmaster is quite popular among people who are looking to buy affordable vintage watches.

Tudor Submariner

The Tudor Submariner is more like a luxury vintage watch brand. It was created in the 1950s as an affordable alternative for luxury watch brands of the time. Despite its affordable price, the Tudor Submariner is a quality watch and an excellent piece for the collector looking for pre-owned and vintage watches.


Founded in 1913, the Enicar watch company was one of the first watchmakers to use Radium on the hands and dials of its timepieces. The aim was to make the dials and hands readable in the dark. The Enicar timepiece became immensely popular during the first year of its launch and has remained one of the most sought-after watches of all time.

Breitling Navitimer

This vintage watch is known for its unique features and design. It was first introduced into the market in 1952. The watch was designed to help pilots and flight instructors to calculate flight plans.

The Breitling Navitimer is a revered watch among many pilots and aircrew personnel. However, the rest of us may find it a bit difficult to use many of the watch’s features. Nevertheless, this watch is suitable for people looking for vintage second time around watches.

The Breitling Top Time, a much simpler version of the Breitling Navitimer, is an ideal option for those who are not keen on having a watch that can calculate aviation plans. The Breitling Top Time and the Heuer Carrera have similar designs. However, the former is much easier to find.



Vintage Watches For Sale
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